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The name Tel Aviv means "hill of spring", but this modern city started out as a new neighbourhood called Ahuzat Bayit in 1910. Situated just north of the ancient port city of Jaffa, Tel Aviv soon assumed the distinction of being the main commercial hub of Israel. Moreover, it became a hotshot tourist destination too. The residents of Jerusalem make the 67 kilometre / 42 mile journey in under an hour using Route 1, to take in the waters of the Mediterranean.
Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport serves as the main gateway for visitors into Israel. It is 19 kilometres / 12 miles southeast of Tel Aviv on the main highway to Jerusalem.

Gordon Beach takes its name from J L Gordon Street, one of Tel Aviv's main east-west thoroughfares. This is the most popular of Tel Aviv's many beaches, and on a warm, sunny day you have to find your spot early as you compete with families, tourists and teens. Gordon Beach starts at the south end of Tel Aviv Marina and meanders for about half a kilometre south, where the name changes to Frishman Beach.
Shlomo Lahat Promenade runs parallel to Tel Aviv's impressive beachfronts. Several modern high-rise apartment building and hotels serve as an impressive backdrop to Gordon Beach. This beach is free to use and there is no shortage of accommodation in the vicinity. An upmarket restaurant and beach cafe serve as popular eateries right on the beach.

You can rent lounge beds or chairs during season - April to October - and there are plenty of vendors supplying ice cream, soft drinks and cold beers. Most of Tel Aviv's 14 kilometres / 9 miles of beaches have lifeguards in attendance. Gordon Beach offers walking, jogging, outdoor gym and biking facilities. During summer season, various activities take place during the day and evening, and the promenade is a great place for people to gather. This beach has a lovely ambience and is clean, safe and well kept. Facilities include neat lawns, benches above the beach, facilities for showers and changing rooms.

If you still need convincing to place Gordon Beach on your bucket list, the fact that National Geographic rates Tel Aviv as the 9th best beach city in the world will decide matters for you!

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Gordon Beach tide times

Sat 20th October

Low 01:47am (0.46m)
High 08:03am (0.67m)
Low 02:09pm (0.42m)
High 08:29pm (0.67m)

Sun 21st October

Low 02:17am (0.43m)
High 08:31am (0.69m)
Low 02:35pm (0.40m)
High 08:50pm (0.70m)

Mon 22nd October

Low 02:46am (0.39m)
High 08:58am (0.71m)
Low 03:00pm (0.38m)
High 09:13pm (0.72m)

Tue 23rd October

Low 03:15am (0.37m)
High 09:26am (0.73m)
Low 03:26pm (0.36m)
High 09:37pm (0.74m)

Today's weather


22 °C
(71 °F)

Light air, 2.2 km/h from SSE

Sea temperature

25.6°C / 78°F


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