Tautuku Beach

Tautuku beach

Set on the Catlins coast in the southeastern corner of the South Island is Tautuku Beach. This rugged, remote area is a haven for wildlife known for its fur seals, sea lions and yellow-eyed penguins. If you are lucky you may even spot whales, which is no surprise as Tautuku was once home to a whaling station.

Tautuku Bay itself is a generous sweep of golden sand and widely regarded as one of the best in the Catlins. Backed by dunes and stretching for several kilometres it has a truly wild feel about it.

Exposed to the huge winter swells which drive up from the southern ocean this is also an area popular with surfers. Just around the corner from Tautuku is the Catlins Skeleton Reef, a well known big wave spot in these parts.

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Tautuku Beach tide times

Mon 19th November

High 12:29am (2.18m)
Low 06:43am (1.01m)
High 12:53pm (2.21m)
Low 07:08pm (1.00m)

Tue 20th November

High 01:14am (2.26m)
Low 07:30am (0.94m)
High 01:37pm (2.28m)
Low 07:51pm (0.92m)

Wed 21st November

High 01:57am (2.33m)
Low 08:14am (0.88m)
High 02:20pm (2.34m)
Low 08:34pm (0.84m)

Thu 22nd November

High 02:40am (2.40m)
Low 08:59am (0.82m)
High 03:03pm (2.40m)
Low 09:18pm (0.77m)

Today's weather

Heavy rain

5 °C
(41 °F)

Moderate breeze, 21.6 km/h from S

Sea temperature

12.8°C / 55°F


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