Benagil Beach


Benagil beach cave
Praia de Benagil



Like many others on the Algarve, Benagil was a small fishing village. Unlike many others Benagil has managed to retain some of its charm and a little of its industry. Along with the sandstone cliffs, clear waters and golden sand of this archetypal Algarvian cove you will find fishing boats, baskets and nets and a few of the fishermen who still work from here. Despite its appeals the beach at Benagil is rarely busy, this is largely on account of it being a little of the main tourist map and, more importantly, a lack of parking.
Pleasant as this little beach is it is the sea cave at Benagil that really sets it apart. Falling squarely into the weird and wonderful category Benagil sea cave was actually voted one of the 10 Coolest Caves in the World by Huffington Post readers. Only accessible by a quick boat trip, the cave is actually a self contained sandy beach within a circular grotto complete with triple arched entrance.

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Benagil Beach tide times

Sat 20th October

High 12:22am (2.68m)
Low 06:27am (1.30m)
High 12:35pm (2.87m)
Low 06:54pm (1.10m)

Sun 21st October

High 01:03am (2.86m)
Low 07:05am (1.11m)
High 01:15pm (3.04m)
Low 07:28pm (0.93m)

Mon 22nd October

High 01:38am (3.03m)
Low 07:40am (0.94m)
High 01:51pm (3.19m)
Low 08:00pm (0.79m)

Tue 23rd October

High 02:11am (3.19m)
Low 08:12am (0.79m)
High 02:25pm (3.31m)
Low 08:31pm (0.68m)

Today's weather

Partly cloudy

21 °C
(69 °F)

Moderate breeze, 20.5 km/h from ESE

Sea temperature

21.7°C / 71°F


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