Coffee Bay


Coffee Bay



Coffee Bay is situated on the Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape and the beach's name in a way reflects this. The story goes that in 1893 a ship carrying coffee beans was driven ashore here during a storm. Somehow a fair few of these beans managed to take root and so the bay was named. Unfortunately you'll be wasting your time looking for said plants as the soil was too salty and none remain. You won't, however, be wasting your time by spending a bit of time in this beautiful, laid back corner of South Africa.

Set at the mouth of the Mthatha River the beach here is a stretch of golden sand backed by the rolling hills of the Transkei. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean make Coffee Bay a great spot for any number of water based activities including surfing, fishing and diving. It is also a great starting point for coastal walks to the many other beautiful beaches in the area and the "Hole in the Wall", a huge rock arch in cliffs just off the coast.
Despite being not quite as wild and remote as it once was this spot feels a million miles away from the hustle of Durban, a couple of hundred kilometers up the coast. The small village set on the hills behind the beach is wonderfully chilled out and home to a popular backpackers.

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Coffee Bay tide times

Sat 21st July

Low 04:35am (0.94m)
High 10:46am (1.45m)
Low 04:42pm (0.92m)
High 11:31pm (1.61m)

Sun 22nd July

Low 06:03am (0.92m)
High 12:11pm (1.47m)
Low 06:08pm (0.91m)

Mon 23rd July

High 12:41am (1.64m)
Low 07:09am (0.85m)
High 01:17pm (1.54m)
Low 07:14pm (0.86m)

Tue 24th July

High 01:35am (1.69m)
Low 07:55am (0.76m)
High 02:06pm (1.63m)
Low 08:02pm (0.79m)

Today's weather

Clear sky

12 °C
(53 °F)

Gentle breeze, 16.2 km/h from NNW

Sea temperature

22.2°C / 72°F


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