Agua Blanca Beach

Agua Blanca / Aigues Blanques
Photo: © lunamarina / CanStockPhoto

The often quiet, secluded Agua Blanca beach is a far cry from the resort towns on the south of the island. This long beach of fine sand gets its name (meaning "white water") from the white horse's that frequently crest the waves on choppy days. However, these prevailing winds that blow throughout the year become a welcome breeze in the summer months when this beach comes into its own.
Agua Blanca has an unspoiled feel about it with high cliffs and various stone stacks running the length of the beach. The crystal clear Mediterranean waters have a turquoise hue and are generally safe for swimming and snorkeling making it a popular choice for families. There's also an oversize, ramshackle beach shack selling cold drinks and good food.
Parts of Agua Blanca are an officially designated nudist beach but if you want a little more exclusivity there is a small cove just to the south of the beach which can be accessed by a short swim.

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Agua Blanca Beach tide times

Mon 27th March

Low 03:22am (0.30m)
High 09:28am (0.49m)
Low 04:21pm (0.32m)
High 09:28pm (0.45m)

Tue 28th March

Low 04:06am (0.30m)
High 10:04am (0.49m)
Low 04:55pm (0.32m)
High 10:08pm (0.46m)

Wed 29th March

Low 04:50am (0.30m)
High 10:40am (0.49m)
Low 05:31pm (0.32m)
High 10:49pm (0.46m)

Thu 30th March

Low 05:35am (0.31m)
High 11:16am (0.48m)
Low 06:08pm (0.32m)
High 11:31pm (0.47m)

Today's weather

Partly cloudy

13 °C
(55 °F)

Light breeze, 9 km/h from NE

Sea temperature

15.6°C / 60°F


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